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There were a couple of direct sequels with the character, played by franco nero, but so, so many more had only the name django in the title because producers and distributors wanted to. When a band of crooks robs a bank, a bounty hunter named regan is hired to take them out. T he fire, the attack and the thrilling energy of django reinhardts music are disconcertingly absent from this highminded and heavyfooted movie based on. It is one of a few examples of a django picture that didnt need to be connected to django because it would have actually been better as its own standalone film. Anthony steffen in a few dollars for django 1966 a few dollars for django 1966. Of course, no account of once upon a time in the west would be complete without a proper analysis of the. Two fistfuls of the finest italian westerns, from django to the dollars trilogy. Django 1966 its bestknown now for lending its name to quentin tarantinos django unchained but sergio corbuccis spaghetti western is iconic in its own right, spawning over thirty unofficial sequels. Significantly both movies have an early scene in which the protagonist shows some kind of fraudulent behaviour, causing confusion about his identity. This movie so inspired quentin tarantino that he made django unchained 2012 and repeated the ear cutting scene in his first notable film, reservoir dogs 1992.

Django was not just a spaghetti western when released in europeit became an event. I had a print of django with me, and one day i decided to do a screening for the crew. Pochi dollari per django original title not rated 1h 25min crime, western december 1966 usa sent to montana to hunt down bank robbers, a bounty hunter takes the star off a replacement sheriff who didnt reach his destination and steps into a range war between farmers and cattlemen. The 1966 western epic is arguably the most lusciously shot film ever made. The main problem i had with this film was the poor editing used in some of the gunfight sequences but there is a few good ones though, like the opening. A coffindragging gunslinger and a halfbreed prostitute become embroiled in a bitter feud between a klan of southern racists and a band of mexican revolutionaries. Featuring the addictively catchy title song performed by.

A list of 29 films compiled on letterboxd, including django 1966, a few dollars for django 1966, django shoots first 1966, two sons of ringo 1967 and django, the last killer 1967. Despite being frequently referred to as a sequel to for a few dollars more 1965 for a few dollars more, this film is set during the american civil war whereas that one takes place afterwards, and while lee van cleef here plays a villain who gets killed, he turns up there as a very much alive good guy. There is plenty of thrills and action in the movie, guaranteeing some shootem up or stunts every few minutes. A few more words can help others decide if its worth watching. Sad hill cemetery, the good the bad and the ugly sad. The back cover falsely says that the film is 97mins.

The 20 best spaghetti westerns, according to quentin tarantino. Original django franco nero on his iconic character and. A bullet for you a few dollars for gypsy usa tv title a few. This is the stillcontroversial epic that defined a genre, launched a phenomenon and. Anywhere between 30 and 50 films came out after django that had the name django in. A few dollars for django 1966 the movie database tmdb.

Film uses the german title django kennt kein erbarmen in the film itself. Sent to montana to hunt down bank robbers, a bounty hunter takes the star off a replacement sheriff who didnt reach his destination and steps into a. Based on the same concept as a fistful of dollarsyojimbored harvest, django stars franco nero as a mysterious gunslinger who rides into a town caught between warring. Django not only inspired tarantino but it was so huge in europe that it created its very own genre. Django is paid by the patriarch of a clanton style crime family to kill an outlaw hireling whose testimony could send the old man to prison. Pochi dollari per django ma anche poche lire per realizzare il film. A lone stranger roams the west dragging a coffin filled with chaos towards a destiny ruled by vengeance. Helped by the love of the daughter of a bandit django can finally bring his life of violence to and end and spend his days. Loosely inspired by the tale of lost love and revenge in corbuccis django film actor franco nero even has an unchained cameo, tarantinos latest movie follows recently freed slave, django jamie foxx, who joins with german bounty hunter, dr. Django is a better than decent spaghetti western on its own. Django 1966 euro international film via everett collection. The big gundown is a 1967 film directed by sergio sollima, and pertaining to the.

Non di rado il talento piu che il genio permetteva ad ottimi registi di risollevare. With the ring leader, jim norton, still at large, regan heads to montana where nortons twin brother is rumored to live. In this film, the violence is portrayed in its entirety by 1966 standards. Although credited only to leon klimovsky, a few dollars for django was predominately directed by an uncredited enzo g. Django managed to set the standards for what spaghetti westerns could be, but never reached. Following the progression from the slapdash but briefly great a fistul of dollars to the tightened storyelling and deeper characters in for a few dollars more, i was confident that the good, the bad and the ugly would continue sergio leones progression at pace, expanding his maturing style onto an epic scale, bettered. A few dollars for django 1966 stream and watch online. High django opens with a tight shot of the back of djangos head. Cowriterdirector sergio corbucci packs his landmark classic with indelible images, unforgettable performances and some of the most shocking brutality of any spaghetti western ever made. A few dollars for django 1966 a few dollars for django. Pochi dollari per django 1966 the movie soundtrack.

Rca victors 1967 lp of a fistful of dollars loc15lso15 is the music track to a sergio leone film completed and released overseas in 1964 but not debuted in america until three years later. King schultz christoph waltz, in the business of killing bad people for money. Originally banned in several countries, sergio corbuccis. Some dollars for django aka pochi dollari per django aka a few dollars for django 1966 anthony steffen plays a gunfighter named reagan in this spaghetti western. Will smith rejected django unchained role because it wasn. Unlike steffens later film django the bastard, which has an impressively dark and mysterious atmosphere about it, a few dollars for django is pretty mediocre fare resembling a runofthemill american madefortv western of the era. A few dollars for django spaghetti western, english, full movie free full youtube movies duration. A few dollars for django spaghetti western, english, full movie free full youtube.

A few dollars for django 1966 directed by leon klimovsky, enzo. A few dollars for django 1966 16 0909 1966 it western1h 37m. However, the gun fights look totally out of reality. Django is a 1966 spaghetti western film about a coffindragging drifter who becomes embroiled in a destructive feud between a ku klux klanesque gang of. The film follows a union soldierturneddrifter and his companion, a mixedrace prostitute, who become embroiled in a. For a few dollars less 1966 for a few dollars more. Django should satisfy any movie fan for it has the making of a great western. Meanwhile the sole survivor of a family the criminal patriarch had killed comes gunning for the crimelord and django. I think it was a few months later, when i was in the u. This is a film that screams tarantino despite him being only three at the time of the films release. Pochi dollari per django the spaghetti western database.

Django unchained is a 2012 film by quentin tarantino starring jamie foxx, christoph waltz, leonardo di caprio, kerry washington and samuel l. A few dollars for django 1966 16 09091966 it western 1h 37m user score. Shot without sound, star clint eastwood didnt record his fistful dialogue until 1967. A bullet for you is a 1966 italian spaghetti western film. The film follows a union soldierturneddrifter and his companion, a mixedrace prostitute, who become embroiled in a bitter, destructive feud between a ku. Corbucci refused to let the set designers clean the set after a series of downpours, giving the. Trailer for django 1966 django 1966 stills gallery. Quentin tarantino throws himself headfirst into his homage to the spaghetti western and manages to add so many fresh twists along the way. Heres a list of all the real django films and all the rip offs i can find. Presented here, complete and uncut, remastered in hd from the fully restored. A few dollars for django 1966 a notorious bounty hunter anthony steffen becomes sheriff and gets involved in a struggle between cattlemen and homesteaders.

Sergio leone completed his rewrite of the old west with his followup to the man with no name. Directed and cowritten by sergio corbucci in 1966, this italian spaghetti western depicts the wildwest badguyvsgoodguy gun battles. List of django movies, a list of films by nighthawk. Released 1966, a few dollars for django stars anthonysteffen, gloriaosuna, frankwolff, joseluislluch the movie has a runtime of about 1 hr 25 min, and received a score of out of 100 on. The film became a franchise unto itself, but if you thought james bond had his imitators, django had an explosion of them. Its hard for a good gun to stay quiet, though, and he finds himself once again up against powerful corrupt ranchers who come gunning for him. Django wants to settle down and start a new life, perhaps even become sheriff. The film blends violence, high bodycount and its fast moving and quite entertaining. Django is basically a low budget version of a fistful of dollars, but is still a well made western and stand on its own. And in retrospect, it kind of upsets me for anthony steffen, who could. A few dollars for django is a 1966 spaghetti western film directed by leon klimovsky and.

Django 1966 the original hd trailer spaghetti western sergio corbucci. Django wants to replace the sherrif and restore law and order to lawless land, but faces the history and. The movie is set in 1881, but during the final gun battle, several characters use colt or smith and wesson swingout cylinder. Django, bounty killer, hunter and repentant bandit wants to start a new life.

Pochi dollari per django is a 1966 spaghetti western film directed by leon klimovsky and enzo g. Django wants to replace the sherrif and restore law and order to lawless land, but faces the history and bloodshed of his own past. No more bullets and blood, after years of killing and horror. Schultz recruits django to help collect the bounty on the vicious. Especially at the end, django shot the fire with the hand of god, which seems quite impossible. Few dollars for django western movie, full length, english free full western films part 22. Per qualche dollaro in piu for a few dollars more, spaghetti western directed by. With anthony steffen, gloria osuna, ennio girolami, joe kamel.

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