Die hard movie building

Now its up to mcclane to face the terrorists and save his wife and the other hostages. This is the century city skyscraper that became a leading man. After the films profits started rolling in, willis found himself one of. Terrorists shoot the security guards and take the building. As i looked back and forth between the building and the movie i recognized it was the perfect. The building has been featured in at least four major motion pictures released by fox.

Based on roderick thorp s 1979 novel nothing lasts forever, it was produced by the gordon company and silver pictures, and distributed by 20th century fox. After the films profits started rolling in, willis found himself one of the highestpaid and most sought. Perhaps they thought it crazy an action movie about a highrise building hijacked by. The building used to represent it is played by the fox plaza building, the main headquarters of 20th century fox. There is also the federal reserve building at william and liberty st. Thirty years ago, this building, fox plaza became one of the most. Scene of the film when bruce willis explodes an entire plane of nakatomi credits. Almost the entire film was shot in the plaza, aside from a few scenes showing a christmas party. Explosion with c4 at the nakatomi 1080p hd youtube. Irrevocable decision occurs when john gives himself away by setting off the fire alarm. On saturday afternoon, a small group of us were enough to experience our own adventure and.

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