Nmike's backyard nursery books

I am thinking about starting a backyard nursery and am wondering if it will be. Ive pulled the best pieces out of all of my written products that ive sold over the years and organized it all into one easy to read manual. Thompson growers 375 cleveland pike road westminster, sc 29693 phone. Dianne, i do have a detailed video on intermittent mist. As far as making money goes, i think i read somewhere that mikes plant farm is in. Starting a profitable backyard nursery business organic.

Even difficult to root plants can be done using this technique. Then we bought a house in 1988 and in 1989 i started growing in the backyard at that house. Donna thompson is a member of our backyard growers members area which is why her nursery is being featured here. Learn how to start a profitable backyard plant nursery, growing the highvalue cash crops that are in demand. The mcgroarty family starts a profitable backyard nursery business on an acre of land. You can make money quickly, but youll need to put the effort into making it work. Growing plants for retail or wholesale is an interesting and fun way to earn money while involving the whole. Starting a backyard nursery is not a get rich quick scheme.

Mikes backyard nursery the most fun you can have with your. And thats really where my whole backyard nursery concept came from. Actually i first started growing plants back in 1980 but i had to quit. Mikes backyard nursery the most fun you can have with. But also in the backyard growing system i teach you a very simple method of plant propagation where you can root thousands of cuttings at one time. Mikes first backyard nursery mikes backyard nursery. Youll discover my secret potting soil recipe, my number one fertilizer blend, and my perfect plastic nursery container size. His experience with backyard growing led him to write a gardening book in. Growing in a raised garden bed helps improves the overall quality and quantity of the vegetables produced.

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